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  1. What are the age restrictions for the camp? Typically, the camp has had participants as young as entering grade 7 through entering college in the fall. For the younger campers we ask that they have had some exposure to the sport prior to attending.

  2. Do you allow male participants at the camp? We do allow male participants to enroll in our camp. We do ask that if a male is interested in enrolling in the camp that they reach out to us via e-mail or phone. We will need to have a conversation in order to accommodate housing…as the housing with the general camp is not acceptable to house male and female campers due to the layout of the dorms.

  3. How many campers per room? 2 campers per room. You may not move mattresses. You may not move rooms unless this is done with the camp administration and housing working directly with you…we need to know where our campers are at all times in case of any emergency with the camp or with their families and we must abide by the University fire codes in the assigned dormitory.

  4. Are triple rooms available? We do not get our dorm assignments until closer to the start of camp, thus we do not know layout of the camp dorms and if triples are available. Because of this we ask for two to a room on applications. If there is an odd number in a group and a triple is available we will assign it to a group like this. We will take e-mail requests for triples, however can not guarantee that it will occur unless it is available after we have assigned those deemed needed vs. wanted (if it is the case that it is wanted it will be on a first come-first serve basis from the time the request is made via e-mail). E-mail requests must include: Session of camp, high school or group campers are from in that session, full names of the campers to be placed in a triple. You will then be added to a waiting list until rooming lists are put together.

  5. When do we receive our roommate’s name for camp? Camp enrollment is an ongoing process for the summer and roommate assignments will not be giving out until you arrive and check-in. If there is an issue with your roommate assignment, we can only accommodate room changes at 10PM the first night of camp in the main lobby of the dorm that we are assigned.

    This allows for late arrivals to have checked-in and for us to check voicemail/e-mails about last minute cancellations (so we know available rooms).

  6. How do I change rooms? IF YOU NEED TO CHANGE ROOMS…all parties involved in the change must be there to do so. This way we make sure to reduce bullying, hazing, that we keep all of the keys to the correct doors in the right hands and make appropriate changes to our master list of dorm assignments in the event of an emergency that requires us to reach the camper in a time we are not on the field.

  7. What Dorm are the campers staying in and is it air conditioned? We do not get our dorm assignments until closer to the start of camp and the dorms are not air conditioned (FANS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED). For security purposes we do not post this information on the website. An e-mail will go out to all enrolled to the address on their application once we have the information and closer to the start of the camp with directions to check-in and moving into the dorms.

  8. What is the Itinerary for camp? For security purposes we do not post this information on the website. Schedules will be posted on each floor of the camper dorms and with current technology campers have sent photos home to parents with daily schedule, Evening game and Tournament game times and dates. We can however give the following brief overview:

    *Day 1*:
    Check-in (see confirmation letter for times)
    Floor rules

    *Day 2-3*
    AM Skill session
    Afternoon Skill session
    Evening Games
    Camper pickup or Staff demo game

    *Final Day*
    Tournament Schedule
    Farewell to campers on the turf (see confirmation letter for times)
    Camp Check-out at the dorms

    **In the skill sessions Goalkeepers have their own specialized curriculum they follow and join field players for evening games

  9. What is the tax code number for the camp? In accordance with the IRS Publication 503: Overnight camp costs are not eligible for childcare credit in Connecticut. We are unable to provide a tax number to stay compliant with the IRS.

  10. What do I do if I need to arrive late to camp or check-out early? If you have a camper who will need to leave camp before the check-out time or arrive after the designated check-in time. Please contact us via e-mail to let us know date and time of late arrival/early check out, so that we can make sure they properly check-in or out and that key deposits for dorm rooms are in the correct hands. NEW THIS YEAR: Visit our forms tab of the website to complete the Early Departure/ Late arrival information and turn in at registration or upon early pick up!!


  1. What medical forms MUST I complete prior to the start of camp? HEALTH FORMS: All campers must fill out and return the Camp Health Exam Record to the camp.

Additional forms that may be required:

SELF-ADMINISTRATION OF MEDICATION FORMS: IF your camper is going to be self-administering medication, you MUST fill out the Self-Administration of Medication form. This includes over-the-counter medications as well as prescription…so please look at the form online.

INDIVIDUAL CARE PLAN: Section 428-3(a) requires a child’s health record to include information regarding disabilities or special health care needs such as allergies, special dietary needs, dental problems, hearing or visual impairments, chronic illness, developmental variations or history of contagious disease, and an individual plan of care for the child with special health care needs or disabilities. The plan shall be developed with the child’s parent(s) and health care provider and updated as necessary. Such plan of care shall include appropriate care of the camper in the event of a medical or other emergency and shall be signed by the parent(s) and staff responsible for the care of the camper.

Examples of special healthcare needs and disabilities are provided above. A written individual plan of care is required when a child has a special healthcare need or disability AND it is necessary that special care be taken or provided while the child is at camp. The special healthcare need or disability which necessitates the individual plan of care is typically documented by health practitioner on the physical examination record or on a medication order and may be supported by accompanying documentation.

If the health record of a child and/or accompanying documentation documents a special healthcare need of disability (e.g. child ADHD), but does not require that special care be taken or provided during the time the child is at camp, an individual plan of care is not required.For example, the mere fact that a child wears glasses or is allergic to a medication, does not require an individual plan of care, as special care of the child during camp may not be necessary.Similarly, if a child has an order for a medication but no other special care is required beyond the administration of the medication, a separate care plan is not required.

ALL Forms can be uploaded directly to your campers account (see “FORMS” tab of our website for instructions on how to upload). Forms on the website are templates of what is required for camp, so as long as it has all the information it does not have to be our exact form. AFTER JULY 1, PLEASE BRING THE FORMS WITH YOU TO CHECK-IN or UPLOAD THEM TO THE CAMPERS ACCOUNT PRIOR TO THE START OF CAMP. DO NOT SEND THEM IN THE MAIL or E-MAIL THEM TO US AFTER THIS DATE!


  1. I am driving myself to camp…How do I obtain a Parking Passes and how much does it cost? There is a place on the application to alert us that you will need a parking pass. Please e-mail us if a camper is driving themselves prior to the camp start date, if you did not alert us on the online application. Parking passes should be obtained from Cheri (Program Director) at the camp check-in. Parking passes cost $20 (CASH ONLY) at check-in.

  2. Do I need Individual camper money while I am at camp? We do not allow the campers to order food to be delivered to the dorms on their own. For security purposes we have decided that any food orders MUST go through the camp store or if a counselor/staff coach walks the campers to a local shop that is an acceptable way to get additional items. There is a camp store located in the camper dorm. Items such as cold drinks, snacks, pizza (can be pre-ordered for pick up after evening games-prices determined by going rate at local establishment), shirts, hoodies, sweat pants available for purchase (typically first day during registration, evenings during camp and last day during check-out).

  3. What is the key deposit for, can I send my two children with one check for $200? Key deposits are $100 per camper. If the key is lost during the stay, the deposit is not returned at the conclusion of camp. Each camper MUST have their own check/cash for the key deposit at check-in. Deposits are returned at the end of each camp when the camper returns their room key.

  4. What are the Payment deadlines? DEPOSITS: By credit card: Upon completion of the online application. By check: The camp MUST RECEIVE the check to PO box within 2 weeks of online registration. No personal checks will be accepted after July 1, 2019 or at registration.

    FINAL PAYMENTS: Due by May 31, 2019 to avoid a late fee of $50.00. If you registered after May 31, 2019 date, your payment in full is due 2 weeks from the date your confirmation letter was sent to you via e-mail. Payments due /being made after July 1, 2019: all payments must be submitted via credit card online, or at registration on the first day in the form of cash, money order or cashier check. No personal checks will be accepted after July 1, 2019 or at registration.

  5. What are the Late fee’s or Additional fee’s I could incur with camp? IF you registered to pay by check and then paid by credit card an additional charge ($25) has been added to your balance as that is the fee to process credit cards. Please follow the online directions to check your balance before coming to camp. Outstanding balances paid at registration MUST come in the form of cash, money order or cashier check. No personal checks will be accepted and we can not guarantee internet access in the check-in area to process credit cards at registration.

  6. Does the camp offer discounts for siblings or any opportunity for scholarships? Because the camp is owned by a Div. 1 College coach and we are sanctioned by NCAA rules. The only discount for our camp available is for the cost of Group Rate (12 or more players from the same group) vs. Individual Rate. We have directed those seeking scholarships to reach out to their local booster clubs to see if anything is available.

  7. How do I obtain a refund? Any refund request MUST be submitted in writing before May 31, 2019 (11:59pm EST). All refunds are subject to a $50 processing fee. NO REFUNDS of the deposit for any reason after May 31, 2019 (11:59pm EST). The Balance of the fee must be paid by May 31, 2019 (11:59pm EST) or a late fee of $50 will be assessed. Teams making reservations should submit deposits for each participant no later than two weeks after signing up to secure spots.

  8. How do I check my balance? CHECKING YOUR BALANCE from our Website:

    PAY BY CHECK: If you have registered to pay by check, follow these steps to view your balance and/or make payments towards your balance. This must be done from a computer as it often does not work from phones.

    -Click the button and log in with the same username and password you used when you initially registered.

    -You should see a dialogue box that says “It appears you have a balance due on a previous order.” If you see a zero balance please note that until a payment is made, no calculations are made for the amount owed on your account.If you have no payment history, you have not sent in your deposit and should mail the deposit or full payment(depending on how late in the process you are to:CONNECTICUT FIELD HOCKEY CAMP LLC, PO BOX 728, STORRS, CT, 06268

    PAY BY CREDIT CARD: If you have registered and paid via credit card online, follow these steps to view your balance and/or make payments towards your balance. This must be done from a computer as it often does not work from phones.

    -Click the "Log in here" button and log in with the same username and password you used when you initially registered.

    -You should see a dialogue box that says “It appears you have a balance due on a previous order. Would you like to apply a payment to your account?” – click on “Yes! take me to my account!”

    -Click on the “detail” button that corresponds with your initial payment.

    -Fill out credit card and payment information and click “Submit”. You have just submitted a payment towards your balance!


  • Bedding: sheets (queen sheets will cover any type of bed you may get as some single beds are longer than others), blanket, pillow (pillow case), some have brought sleeping bags as well
  • Alarm clock
  • Non-valuable personal items: Chargers for any devices you may bring with you to camp
  • Personal first aid supplies
  • Toiletries: Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, wash cloth, towel, toothpaste, toothbrush, mouth wash, comb/brush, feminine products you may need while at the camp…shower caddy and flip flops are always good for going from room to common bathroom.
  • Shoes appropriate for play on artificial turf surface (NO CLEATS WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE TURF). Be sure to break-in your shoes prior to the start of camp. Running shoes are most acceptable shoe or any shoe that does not have an aggressive tread to them.
  • Hockey Stick (or goalkeeping equipment, if you are a goalkeeper…we do not have equipment to loan out or lend) and Goggles
  • Mouthguard and shin guards are mandatory
  • Please dress appropriately for training/playing sessions on the turf